Vocabula computatralia

Gehaald van: http://www.obta.uw.edu.pl/~draco/docs/voccomp.html


abort 1. vt interrumpere 2. subst. interruptus,us m.

address 1. (memory location) subst. locus (memoriae, in memoria); numerus octeti 2. (net location, URL) subst. inscriptio (interretialis vel interneti) 3. (e-mail) subst. inscriptio (cursualis) electronica 4. (to select a memory location) vt. locum (memoriae) eligere

assembler 1. (assembly language) subst. lingua machinalis; assembler,i m. 2. (compiler) subst. compilatrum (assembleri)


background 1. (of a picture) subst. fundus,i m 2. (about windowed desktop) ima,orum n.; to put a window into background fenestram in ima reponere. 3. (about a process) adj. inferus, posterus; to put into background in ima mittere; inferiorem facere

binary adj. binaris,e

bit subst. bitus,i m (binaris digitus); least significant bit bitus minimi momenti; bitus minimus

boot 1. subst. initiatio systematis; cold ~ initiatio frigida, initiatio e frigido; warm ~ initiatio calida, initiatio e calido. 2. vt. initiare

branch 1. (a relative jump) subst. saltus relativus 2. (a conditional jump) subst. saltus condicionalis (non: 'saltus conditionalis', quia non conditura, sed condicione saltus fiunt).

browse 1. (to look over text documents) vt. perlustrare 2. (the Web) vt. navigare

browser 1. (text viewer) subst. exhibitrum,i n. 2. (Web viewer) subst. navigatrum,i n.

bug (a mistake in program code) subst. mendum,i n

buggy (full of bugs) adj. mendosus,i m

bus (communication lines between computer components) subst. magistrale,is n; data ~ magistrale datorum; address ~ magistrale locativum

byte (eight bits) subst. octetus,i m; most significant ~ octetus maximi momenti, octetus maximus; least significant ~ octetus minimi momenti, octetus minimus; higher ~ octetus maioris momenti, octetus maior; middle ~ octetus mediocris; lower ~ octetus minoris momenti, octetus minor; least significant ~ octetus minimi momenti, octetus minimus; even ~ octetus par; odd ~ octetus impar


calculation subst. computatio,onis f.; ratio,onis f.

channel (virtual I/O device) subst. canalis,is m.

chip (an intergrated electronic circuit) subst. talus,i m.; integrated ~ talus integratus

clipboard subst. latibulum,i n.

command subst. iussum,i n.; mandatum,i n.

compilation 1. (translation into object form) subst. compilatio, onis f. 2. (collection) subst. collatio,onis f.

compile (translate into object form) vt. compilare

compiler (source to object translator program) subst. compilatrum,i n.

computer 1. subst. computatrum,i n; ordinatrum,i n. 2. adj. computatralis,e; ordinatralis,e

condition 1. (ref. to 'if' statement) subst. condicio,onis f. 2. (a state) subst. condicio,onis f.; status,us m.

connect vt. conectere

connection 1. (a link between computer elements) subst. ligamen,inis n. 2. (a link between computer systems via net) subst. conexus,us m.

constant subst. (valor) constans,ntis m.

coprocessor subst. processorium,i n. mathematicum

copy 1. (to duplicate a file) vt. copiare 2. (a result of copying) subst. exemplar,aris n.

crash 1. (about computer systems: to fail completely so that the machine has to be rebooted) vt. corruere; collabi; the system ~ed systema corruit 2. (about programs: to make a computer system crash) vt. diruere aliquid; evertere aliquid; the program has ~ed the system systema a programmate dirutum est 3. subst. collapsus,us m.

cursor subst. indicium,i n.

cyberspace subst. spatium cyberneticum; cyberspatium,i n.


data subst. data,orum n.

database 1. (program) subst. datorum ordinatrum 2. (data) subst. data,orum n.; plicae datorum

daemon subst. daemon,onis m.

debug (to correct mistakes in a program) vt. emendare

debugger (debugging program) subst. emendatrum,i n.

debugging subst. emendatio,onis f.

decimal adj. decimalis,e

delete vt. delere; eradere

desktop subst. tabula,ae f. (systematis); mensa,ae f.

digital adj. digitalis,e

direct adj. directus,a,um; rectus,a,um; ~ Client Connection (DCC) subst. Directus Clientium Conexus

directory subst. (plicarum) index,icis m.

disk 1. (physical device, disk drive) subst. discus,i m.; ~ image disci simulacrum 2. (hard disk) subst. discus durus; discus rigidus; discus fixus 3. (floppy diskette) subst. discus flexibilis; disculus,i m. 4. (CD-ROM) subst. discus compactus 5. (logical device, partition) subst. volumen,inis n.; discus,i m. 6. (floppy disk drive) subst. statio disculorum

diskette subst. disculus,i m.

download vt. extrahere (aliquid ex rete); prehendere


electronic adj. electronicus,a,um

e-mail 1. (a letter sent via the net) subst. litterae electronicae 2. (electronic mail) subst. cursus publicus electronicus

erase vt. eradere, delere

execute (to make a program run) vt. pellere


FAQ Frequenter Allatae Quaestiones

file subst. scapus,i m.; plica,ae f.

folder subst. index,icis m.; scrinium,i n.

font subst. typus,i m.

format 1. (data representation) subst. forma,ae f.; compositio,onis f. 2. (to organize data) vt. formare; conformare 3. (to format a disk) vt. formare 4. (to soft-format a disk) vt. purgare


generator (a program) subst. generatrum,i n.


hardware subst. armatura electronica; supellex,ctilis f.

hexadecimal adj. sedecimalis,e

homepage subst. pagina domestica

hypertext 1. subst. hypertextus,us m. 2. adj . hypertextualis,e


icon subst. icon,onis f.

indirect adj. indirectus,a,um

input 1. vt. data inducere 2. subst. initus,us m.

install vt. instituere; instruere

instruction subst. iussum,i n.

integer 1. adj. integer,gra,grum 2. subst . (valor) integer,gri m.

Internet 1. subst. Internetum; Interrete,is n. 2. adj. Internetalis,e; Interretialis,e

interpretate vt. intepretari

intepretation subst. intepretatio,onis f.

interpreter (a program) subst. intepretatrum, i n.

interrupt (hardware event) subst. interruptio,onis f.

IRC Interretialiter Relatum Colloquium


joystick subst. manipulus,i m.

jump 1. vt salire 2. subst. saltus,us m.


key subst. clavis,is f.

keyboard subst. claviatura,ae f.

kill (force termination) vt. occidere


library (collection of complex functions) bibliotheca,ae f.; shared ~ bibliothetca mutua

link 1. (hypertext link) coniunctio,onis f.; ligamen,inis n. 2. (to add precompiled libraries to an object code) vt consolidare

linker (a program) subst. consolidatrum,i n.

linking subst. consolidatio,onis f.; static ~ consolidatio statica; dynamic ~ consolidatio dynamica

list 1. (data structure) catena,ae f. 2. ( mailing list) grex Interneti 3. (mailing list owner) moderator gregis

listing v. program

load 1. (to copy data from a disk to the memory) vt legere; computer ~s a file plica a computatro legitur 2. (move data from the memory to a register) vt. movere

login (enter a network) vt. inire

logout (exit from network) vt. exire

loop (program structure) vt. ambitus,us m.


magnetic adj. magneticus,a,um

mail v. e-mail

mailing list v. list

memory subst. memoria,ae f.

modem subst. transmodulatrum,i n.

monitor subst. monitorium,i n.

mouse subst. mus,muris m.; musculus,i m.

multitasking 1. subst. processio multiplex 2. adj. ?


net subst. rete,is n.

netserver 1. (computer) subst. moderatrum,i n. 2. (program) subst. daemon moderans

node subst. nodus,i n.


operating system subst. systema internum


parallel 1. (hardware) adj. parallelus,a,um 2 . (software) simul operans

password subst. signum,i n.

pointer subst. index,indicis m.; stack ~ struis index; mouse ~ muris index

port 1. (connector) subst. portus,us m. 2 . (network device) subst. portus,us m. 3. (adjust a program for another platform) vt. transferre; transportare

procedure subst. procedura,ae f.

process subst. processus,us m.

processor subst. processorium,i n.

program 1. subst. programma,atis n.; ~ listing textus programmatis 2. vt. programmare

programmer 1. (human) subst. programmator,oris m. 2. (EPROM burner) subst. programmatrum,i n.


RAM subst. memoria volatilis; static ~ memoria statica; dynamic ~ memoria dynamica

real 1. adj. realis,e 2. (floating point value) subst. numerus (vel valor) realis

register 1. (a part of CPU or hardware port) subst. regestrum,i n. 2. vt. nomen addere; nomen profiteri

ROM subst. memoria fixa

rotate (bits) vt. volvere; rotare

routine v. procedure

run 1. vt. operari; the program is ~ning programma operatur 2. (running) subst. operatio,onis f. 3. (data structure, string) catena,ae f.


save vt. servare; conservare; reponere

scan vt. scandere (e.g. paginam, imaginem etc.)

scanner subst. scansorium, i n.

screen subst. scrinium,i n.; quadrum,i n.

screenmode subst. modus (imaginem) exhibendi

send vt. mittere

serial adj. serialis,e

server v. netserver

shift 1. (the key) clavis "shift" 2. ( to shift bits) relocare; to ~ left relocare sinistrorsus

shutdown 1. vt. claudere 2. subst. clausura,ae f.

software v. program

sound 1. subst. sonus,i m.; ~ generator sonorum generatrum 2. vt. sonare

spam 1. vt. saginare (aliquem); 2. subst. saginatio,onis f.

spreadsheet subst. tabula computativa

stack subst. strues,is f.

stop vt. sustinere

stream 1. (continuous sequence of data or instructions) fluctus,us m. 2. (logical channel) canalis,is m.

string subst. series,ei f.; character ~ litterarum series

subdirectory v. folder

subroutine subst. supprocedura,ae f.; supprogramma,ae f.

system subst. systema,atis n.


tape subst. taenia,ae f.

terminal subst. terminale,is n.


UNIX subst. Unix,icis m.

upload vt. mittere (aliquid ad rete); imponere

URL (Universal Resource Locator) Universale Rerum Locatrum n.


value subst. valor,oris m.

variable subst. (valor) variabilis; variabile,is n.

vector (a sort of a pointer) subst. index,icis m.; a jump through a ~ per indicem saltus

viewer subst. exhibitrum,i n.


window subst. fenestra,ae f.

wire subst. filum,i n.

word 1. (short word, 16 bits) subst. verbum,i n. 2. (long word, 32 bits) subst. verbum longum; verbum duplex

wordprocessor subst. (programma) editorium

web subst. tela,ae f.; World Wide ~ Tela Totius Terrae

write 1. (to create a program) vt. scribere, componere 2. (store data on the disk) v. save